Rev Obourfor snobs Prophet Nigel Gaisie at Bishop Obimin father’s funeral. Watch full video.

Arriving at the funeral grounds of the late father of Bishop Obimin, the just crowned sub chief in the Ga traditionally area, Rev Obourfor was accompanied by giants and security guards who were paving way for him.

On his arrival the crowd chanted Nii Gyata! Nii Gyata!! Nii Gyata!!!, and as he walk through the crowd greeting the attendees, people of higher profile stood on their feet to show respect to Rev Obourfor.

Rev Obourfor
Nigel Gaisie

But when Nii Gyata got to where Prophet Nigel Gaisie was, the prophet didn’t stood up to honor him, which lead Rev Obourfor to snob him and pass by.

Watch video.

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