Iconz Media Deputy Communications director call on Prophets of the western north region to revoke the generational curse of the region.

Evans Amanortey Kisseih, deputy communications director Iconz Media

The western north music awards organisers Iconz Media, deputy communications director and Radio personality Evans Amanortey Kisseih call on prophets of the land to pray and revoke the curse from the entertainment industry.

The iconz media deputy communications director indicated in a short video that the awards schemes organization is aiming to project the good talent of the region to the rest of the country and even beyond.

But it seems like artistes are destroying the good work and effort of the organization in the name of beef and this has even boils down to other personalities like radio presenter, entertainment show organisers, entertainment show host and other celebrities.

Celebrities are now fighting each other instead of staying focused on building the entertainment industry in the region and this is causing harm to the region.

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