Ghana Cocoa board received over 30k Electronic weighing scales.

Ghana cocoa board which is the regulatory body for the cocoa industry has just received 40,000 electronic weighing scales to replace the old mechanical weighing scales.

Newly Electronic weighing

Unveiling the received package, the CEO of Ghana cocoa board Mr Boahen Aiddo indicated that the cocoa sector is now moving into a modern world where the use of mechanical weighing scales are no more going to be allow.

He further stated that Cocoa board will put measures in place to eliminate the calibration of scales to cheat farmers.

And hope the LBCs’ will collaborate with Cocoa board to strengthen the new measures.

These were some of his words.

“We have taken delivery of 40,000 tamper-proof electronic weighing scales to replace mechanical weighing scales used at the points of sale of cocoa. This will resolve the long-standing menace of illegal adjustments of the old scales and ensure that farmers are paid the true value of their cocoa at the farmgate.”

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