Mtn plan to suspended some momo agents for fraud!

In a meeting with MTN on the 18th of August, Mobile Money Advocacy Group (MoMAG) release a statement about the out come of their meeting.

The agency MoMAG stated that there has been delayed in the payment of MTN cash-in commission due to some anomalies, they indicated that Mtn Ghana has promised to pay the commission when they are done with a clean up exercise to enable a good and transparent system.

MoMAG statement

Mtn Ghana told the agency MoMAG that they suspected a fraudulent activity by some agents, and they continued to say out of 240,000 agents nationwide almost 18000 representing 7.5% engaged in fraudulent cash-in transactions.

Mtn further explain how they found out the act of these agents anomalies to earn more commission, mtn indicated that agents were sending 1000 cedis to some specific numbers in order to earn cash-in commission, which they mtn see to be a deliberate activity by those agents and deemed it as a normal money transfer.

And there is a plan to permanently block those agents from the system to bring sanity.

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