Kojo Luda will not reply a diss to that underground artist, Chorknation boss tells.

With the ongoing cocoacity lyrical battle, the Chorknation boss has just made it clear that his artist is not replying to Kentey Marley that underground artist.

He stated that Kojo Luda is busy touring media houses on his hit song “SIKA” and has no time to reply anyone.

Here he writes ✍

“LET IT BE KNOWN THAT……………..Kojo Luda Will Never Reply Any Diss From Any Cocoa City Artiste. He is busy trying to put Cocoacity Music Together with The good talents in the region on the map 🗺 of Ghana and outer national.Artiste who has never had a tv interview before? Artiste Wey Not One Single Main Stream Artiste know am, Artiste Wey Cocoacity city sef isn’t regarded as a grade A artiste Bossu In Eben’s Voice We Far Gone. I repeat Kojo Luda Won’t give that free hype to Kente Marley He doesn’t deserve it …….PERIOD”

Kojo Luda throw shots

He ended with a short video of Kojo Luda throw pounches.

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