Yaw Tog is better than Sarkodie an Entertainment panelist tells.

Sarkodie vs Yaw Tog

On the Angel Fm entertainment show a panelist made a submission by saying Yaw Tog is far better the Sarkodie when it comes to music.

Ziga is a panelist who said on Angel Fm entertainment show, during his submission that Yaw Tog is better than Sarkodie so when the people are doing comparison others should allow it because musically Yaw Tog is better.

Ziga comments of Yaw Tog & Sarkodie

Ziga said he was not talking about raps but music, this has spark a hot discussion on social media to why this guy is comparing a king to a young boy who have not achieved anything yet.

Some fans believe Ziga does not understand the meaning of music and has forgotten that rap is a genre of music, so when you say Musically what does it means.

Sarkodie is said to be one of the greatest musician when it comes to rap across Africa and even the world and have won several awards to his name.

How can people do this comparison, is like you comparing Harry Kane to Leo Messi vast difference.

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