Three major things women want from men

As the world is made of two people that is man and woman, and these two are always expecting something from each other anytime they meet. But today we are going to talk about three things a woman will want from a man.

Every woman is beautiful in her own way and will watch out for some unique quality from her man, but I want to talk in general about what I describe as the three major things every woman look forward from a man.

First and foremost every woman will look forward for “Attention” in a relationship , ladies feel somehow when they realise that their man attention has switch from them to something else. Every real woman will choose attention over money.

Another thing a woman will expect from her man is “Control“, women can be very troublesome and difficult but they fear a man who knows how to control them. Controlling a lady does not means shouting on her or beating her, you can control your in soo many ways but I recommend the patience style. I am talking from experience first I use to be hash on my woman until I discovered this secret. Be Patient and tolerate her style until she fall under your control.

The last one I will talk about will sound funny and naughty but is one of the major thing every lady expect her guy to do for her. This final one is “Good Sex“, every lady wants a man who will take her through the walks of sex.

Most ladies will stay around not because of money but for Good sex, I can say Attention and Good Sex are the major things ladies look for when entering a relationship, money becomes a third matter when she is not getting what she want. And Good sex is not about the size of your dick but your intelligence in the act of sex.

Learn to have atleast two of this three things and every lady will want to stay.

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