Kwasi Amewuga set to cause tension in Cocoacity

Kwasi Amewuga is one of the few youngsters from the region who are making the region proud. He has been on Adom TV a renowned television station in the country and has also taken part in Amarado Burner popular show “Y3tinsem”.

There has been an anticipation in the western north music industry in the recent weeks about a music video trailer.

This video trailer has set the region in a suspense state, almost everyone want to watch the full music video of the recent music video trailer released by the artist Kwasi Amewuga and his team, titled “make you tell dem”.

From the title of the song “make you tell dem” meaning the artist has something he want to let the public know through his action in the video along his word play.

From the trailer, the video seems to carry a huge message to the public and the artist too has proved his ability in the field of word play. The general public are eagerly waiting for the full music video.

This music video which is about to be released from the camp of Kwasi Amewuga could be a breakthrough for the youngster. The video will be released on the 16 April 2021 and will available on the Artist social media handles and YouTube channel. Follow : @ kwasi Amewuga

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