Kojo flash set to release a new hit.

One of the vibrant and talented young artist of the western north region by name Kojo Flash has been in the studio conjuring words to make a good melody in the ears of music lovers.

His manager writes in a social media post on how the music from his artist could cause tension in the country and region, he told the general public to get their shoes ready because this song isn’t the regular type of song from his artist but a whole set of new vibes.

The constant hit from Kojo Flash.

The manager of kojo flash express his artist new release to be an all time hit song which “Nobody can do anything about” , he when further stating that the people should start learning how to twerk because kojo flash song will cause a twerking competition across the country soon.

Now our question is what could this new song be? We know kojo flash to be a very good artist who does good music already, but from his manager’s expression what would this song be about which makes it extraordinary?

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